Kadisha Mukhamejanova Fall 2016 Blog

by Kadisha Mukhamejanova, December 15, 2016

First of all, I would like to thank the Kendall College Trust Scholarship committee for the scholarship on my behalf, but also on behalf of my entire family. It made my parents proud of their daughter.

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. As a matter of fact, a lot has changed since I received a Kendall College Trust Scholarship six months ago; it has affected every aspect of my student life: direction of education, motivation, career goals and future perspectives. But most importantly, it has changed me as a person. For me, receiving an honor of being a scholarship recipient was a life-changing event for several reasons.

It needs to be mentioned that International Business program requires finishing one quarter at Laureate Institution outside of US. However, after an economic turmoil in my home country this idea seemed impossible to me. Undoubtedly, it meant that I had to give up my dream of attaining an international experience of doing business and exploring new countries, and, therefore, choose another pathway. Nevertheless, a given opportunity and trust of scholarship committee made me believe that everything is possible if you are passionate and work hard for it! As a matter of fact, KCT Scholarship has significantly reduced the financial barriers and made my educational goals and dreams easier to obtain.  Indeed, here I am, writing this letter right from Universidad Europea Madrid, and already finishing my unforgettable quarter in Spain! In fact, while studying in Europe I have gained a valuable experience along with quality knowledge; I made a lot of friends from different European countries, acquainted with Spanish culture, enhanced my language skills and travelled across Europe. What is more, I had a chance to be educated by people with different perspectives in a whole new environment. No doubt, this shift made me see the world from different angles and enhanced my personal comprehensive development. While being here, I volunteered at International Fair to present Kendall College to students in Madrid. Actually, for me it was more than just a fair – it was the proof of my hard work, and dedication to my home school that trusted in me when I needed it the most.

Active life position fueled and stimulated by such a scholarship, of course, had a huge impact on the formation of my personality and personal qualities such as commitment, communication skills, punctuality and, of course, reliability. Undoubtedly, the experience that I gained with this support has revealed a potential to reach higher heights. What is more, I cannot wait to share my international experience at Kendall College to motivate and increase the number of activists like me.  Once again, everything happens for a reason, and I promise that the reason why the KCT Scholarship committee gave me this opportunity will never be unjustified.

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