Jeremy Schwartz Summer 2017 Blog

by Jeremy Schwartz, September 7, 2017

Nutrition has not always been a big part of my life let alone how I cook. Prior to learning to cook, eating healthy was never something big I focused on. That all changed when one day I went to the doctor and was told I needed to change my life around or health problems would ensue. Come that moment I realized cooking had to become a bigger part of my life.

Healthy cooking has helped save my life. Techniques such as baking, sautéing, searing, and other less fatty means of cooking are what I try to utilize when I cook for myself and my clients. Ideally my plans after graduation would be combining my undergrad degree in exercise science and nutrition with my new cooking knowledge I received from Kendall.

Cooking is as important as exercise and once people realize, they can start to live an overall happier life. With so much of America being overweight or unhealthy, eating well is extremely important as well as exercising. When I cook for families, I try to focus on healthy methods of cooking as well as teaching them about how exercise can effect the body and how the food I am cooking for them helps rebuild muscles.

For some chefs, the main importance is flavor and they will use different fats, butter, and other ingredients that are not the healthiest. As for myself, I want the food to shine for what it is worth, natural and flavorful veggies with healthier proteins and methods that are cooked with healthy fats and oils.

Nutrition and healthy cooking has changed my life and that is what I try to radiate on my clients so they can be happier with their lives just like how I turned my life around.

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