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Chicago, My City
by Gianina Gomez, September 15, 2019

After the harsh weather, we had during this winter; everyone keeps asking me why do I live in Chicago?

It is a question only a Chicagoan can answer.  For many people, there are many reasons to choose Chicago as the best city to live in the USA.  To me, there are a lot of reasons, but the main ones are:

Chicago is more than its magnificent architecture (not for pleasure Chicago is the scene of many movies). It is more than its remarkable combination of music and culture, hosting extraordinary museums, theaters, comedies, and cultural centers. It is also well recognized for its strong musical tradition in jazz, blues, house, gospel, and soul!  It is more than its sports tradition. Enjoying a game of the Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls or Fire is a pleasure, and wearing its gear is a pride!

It is more than its marked seasons, each of one with a unique panorama and skyline; enjoying each one of them is a blessing. I love the way the city looks covered in snow in winter, is a magical spectacle. And summer… oh coveted summer… it’s worth the wait!

Summer is even more magical in Chicago, marked by its early sunrises and late sunsets with nothing than a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Due to its diverse population, we can enjoy food from everywhere in every ambiance one can imagine, and for a foodie like me, that is a real blessing.  Beginning a walk in Chinatown and enjoy wonderful dim-sums, we can go all through the city and its multiple neighborhoods and enjoy incredible ethnic restaurants from Korean to Peruvian with a refined, unique and successful proposal. Tucked in a cozy neighborhood, my guilty pleasure on Sundays is to have a brunch at Fulton Market and its multiple offers from famous Chefs.  Enjoy snacks, appetizers, and good wine during a summer concert in Millennium Park or Ravinia Park is celestial.  Visit and earn some extra pounds in the weekend food festivals is a journey that can transport you from Greece to Poland in hours! Finally, nothing can beat to end a hard day with a glass of beer or a Rose in an acclaimed hotel rooftop!

There is no better city for summer than Chicago! For now, I can leave this post enjoying a local brew beer with a delicious deep-dish pizza while I think: Chicago is a paradise for us… the Chefs!  We have a lot to do and it is up to us to get it even better to satiate these picky palates!

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