Eric Minnis Fall 2019

by Eric Minnis , November 25, 2019

When I had first received the notification that I had been granted the scholarship, I was over joyous. It had felt like the entire world had stopped and everything was seen in much better lighting.  A heavy load was lifted from my shoulders, at that moment, I knew that all my hard work had finally paid off, and doors of different opportunities began to open for me and my family.

We still had work to do in order to make our dreams become reality, but now the path towards it became a lot clearer. I will forever be grateful to the Kendall College Trust foundation and its sponsors. Achieving the scholarship, strengthened my belief in ‘good things come to those who wait.’ After the devastation that happened to my country during the summer, the love and support that I received from the faculty at Kendall College made this challenging semester take a turn all the better.

Since receiving the award, my confidence has boosted, I was able to accomplish things I didn’t think possible, and I was able to take a huge load off my parent’s shoulder as all of this is for them and those who support me. I am extremely humbled by all of these accolades that I now have under my name.

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