Catherine Broton Winter 2019 Blog

by Catherine Broton, March 19, 2019

2018 came and it went, the last year has truly flown by. My time at Kendall College is rapidly coming to an end, I have days left of my internship and my career is taking off. I am unsure what the next step will be for me, but I know that the education and experiences I have gained from the last year at Kendall have truly elevated my opportunities for my future career.

The last three months have consisted of a lot of hard work, some great laughs, and a few tears. I have been working at a food science agency called CSSI, it stands for Culinary Sales Support Inc. As I finish up my internship, I reflect back at all the things I’ve learned and the connections I’ve made. I like to think those connections I’ve made will last as friendships as my time ends and I no longer am working at CSSI. I am sad to leave; I have truly enjoyed my time working for everyone here. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the information they have taught me and their knowledge they have shared with me. Thank you!

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