Bethany Witte Summer 2018 Blog

by Bethany Witte, September 14, 2018

My last quarter at Kendall is coming to an end; it is insane to think that I am almost done. Next quarter, I start my Internship at Grand Geneva in Wisconsin. It’s been difficult, to say the least, but after multiple burns, long days, a lot of tears of frustration, and cuts, I realize I have found what I love. But most importantly, I found the skill to do what I love. Before I started at Kendall I was frazzled, never really organized, but more like a fuzzy anxious poodle. I do not care that sometimes I have a 12 plus hour day because I love getting recipes perfect.

Kendall has taught me so much; they showed me the world is vast. I know what you’re thinking “obviously the world is huge” but living in a small town in the country I never really realized how big it actually was until I started at Kendall. I have tasted so many things and experienced so much that I would never have in the small town I grew up.

This quarter I have done A LOT of stuff, I have completed my Breads and Confections class, and I just finished my Banquets and Dessert Production class. In each one of those classes, I have not only refined my techniques but also learned new things that will help me in the industry. The Dessert Production class has given me a tiny slice of what it is going to be like in a kitchen on the line.

I am so fortunate for my time at Kendall, I have met new people and made connections with people that will benefit me in the long run. My only advice is to work hard, nothing comes easy, and if it does, then you are probably doing it wrong.

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