Ashley Wolfe Summer 2020 Blog

by Ashley Wolfe, September 13, 2020

I recently completed my Capstone, or Senior Project, here at Kendall College. Over the course of two quarters, I worked with three others to develop and (nearly) perfect a Catering and Event Planning concept which we presented to a panel of Kendall College faculty for evaluation, then later presented to the world via a virtual showcase online.

Needless to say, it was much more difficult to complete the group work not just because our team had to meet online every time, but because two of my team members had some difficulty with the English language and one of them was in a completely different time zone (China)! But despite the challenges that learning in an online environment presented to my group work, I found myself leaving the Capstone class with three new friends, a new mindset toward virtual meetings, and  confirmation that even in the most challenging situations, if we push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into new experiences, we will achieve what we set out to.

Moving forward, I now have experience with virtual meetings which will make me an even greater asset when I transition into my career within the Meeting and Event Planning industry. I am aware of the strengths and weakness of meetings online and can use that to advise others should they contemplate the same option. I also have a better understanding of the greatness that comes out of not working alone, but with others who may have ideas you hadn’t ever considered. These lessons I will keep with me forever.

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