Aidana Seitova Winter 2017 Blog

by Aidana Seitova, March 26, 2018

This quarter was exciting and useful- as I learned a lot about how can I relate my other interests with the hospitality industry. I took classes that made me think a lot- business contracts and law, hotel analytics and sustainability. With amazing professors I have expanded my mind and got inspired by looking at them and what they have done.

Sustainability is not developed that much in my home country- Kazakhstan, so the sustainability class has influenced me a lot- I started to recycle, minimize food waste and repurpose things in my apartment. I understood why it is so important to the industry and also realized that it is a right and smart investment that is in demand. Now, I have another goal, which is to develop this field in Kazakhstan and make people understand the importance of it. Business contracts and law, with a charming professor – Valerie Beck was one of my favorites, I never knew that much about Law and how it works here in the US. The skill I learned at this class is creating a website and writing blog posts for it. The very best part of it was using creativity and creating a design of the website. I enjoy photography and graphic design, and I realized how creativity is an essential tool for the marketing of the company. I think through every aspect of design and always try to improve it, and I can confidently say that I will use these skills in my nearest future.

It was a very challenging quarter, but overcoming these challenges only makes me feel like I grow, develop and improve.

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