Abigail Urbano Fall 2018 Blog

by Abigail Urbano, January 2, 2019

My time at Kendall passed quickly! It is bittersweet; I’ve learned so much in the process while gaining a clearer sense of my strengths and weaknesses. If I could give some advice to current or incoming students, it would be to apply for internships and strive to learn all that you can, pay attention in class and apply it outside of class as well, this will make you more marketable.

Prior to Kendall College, I hardly volunteered for anything. Luckily, there were many opportunities given to do so. Even if the gig doesn’t interest of you, I can guarantee you’ll walk away with a new friend or contact, or a new interest!

Lastly, I am truly grateful for the Kendall College Trust, for not only assisting me financially but also by being an encouragement through my time at Kendall College. Although, I have completed my time here, I hope I could offer advice to any student during their time at Kendall College at NLU.

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