Yize Shi Winter 2017 Blog

by Yize Shi (Draco), March 17, 2017

I’m glad that I spent an amazing half year with my wonderful capstone team. Today, I finished my last class of capstone, and I’m glad to say “We did it! I did it!”

My team was the team 11. We did a hotel concept called “CABYY” with two restaurants inside. As a culinary student, I was in charge of one of the restaurant concept. Within the 6 months of team work with my teammates, I successfully presented my restaurant concept of “Pot-Grill” to the public and the judges last week. I’m proud to say that my hard work has paid off.  I won “The Best Bite” on the show case day, out of 17 teams. It’s such as surprise to me, because I’m an international student, and I made Asian food, and I never thought that I could win. I had so many compliment that day that people saying they love my food. Know the fact that people loved my food made me to be sure that I want to be a chef one day. I really glad that Kendall gave me this opportunity to do such thing, and I’m grateful that I couldn’t have done this without KCT’s help.

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