Sokha Chen Fall 2018 Blog

by Sokha Chen, December 20, 2018

As a sophomore student, the Fall Quarter, 2018 was an amazing chapter to celebrate myself doing such a great job within distinct, interesting courses. Hyatt Place/Downtown the Loop is where I maintained wonderful internship experiences, as well as realizing how huge and enjoyable the hotel industry is. The hotel itself always granted me various opportunities to show my passions and pursue professionalism in this fabulous industry. Additionally, the Hyatt Place/Downtown the Loop is where I find myself becoming an authentic, empathetic, and impactful young profession who is committed to providing tremendous services to valued guests.

Furthermore, the Hyatt Place has provided me phenomenal miscellaneous opportunities to indicate commitments and dedication, putting my best efforts into the hotel industry. I would like to show my respects and special thanks to my supervisor (Natalie Burns), my AGM (Heather Zawacki), the general manager, and all of my colleagues who are always there for me in every circumstance. Especially, I have learned so much on how to solve guests’ issues and become more capable with the job. They have given me chances to get involved with many new tasks and positions at work including gallery host, bartending, and the kitchen shifts. It was an outstanding opportunity to deliver remarkable services to the guests, and to assure that they would enjoy their stays and feel like home. I will definitely return for my senior internship and Optional Practical Training Program after graduation.

It is very crucial for me now to think about graduation because my dream is about to come true.  I will then be able to begin a new chapter in the real world. However, I truly enjoyed all the courses I took, such as CAPSTONE course, that have allowed me to meet amazing teammates and incredible professors. I was able to create and apply essential elements from all the courses to enhance personal goals. My strong determination to commit and achieve my dream will bring great outcomes and success. I am so happy for the Winter break, but also thrilled for the upcoming quarters. I cannot wait to meet my teammates, new friends and competent professors.  My next quarter will wonderfully continue to foster my professional developments.

Finally, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Happy holidays and enjoy precious moments with your family.

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