Maya Tom Fall 2016 Blog

by Maya Tom,  December 5, 2016

Kendall College has provided me with the opportunity and the tools that I need to build a robust future career. Part of what makes this Kendall experience so positive and wonderful is the amount of passion that my teachers and classmates have for cultivating our careers in hospitality. Every day I am fortunate to meet people from all around the world, network both on and off campus, and gain real world insight from inspired and experienced individuals.  Since attending Kendall, I have really begun to appreciate how hospitality management affects us every day and the ways in which I can efficiently use the skills that I am continually developing.

I am so grateful to the Kendall College Trust Scholarship, which has meaningfully contributed to my ability to attend such a wonderful college and has expanded my opportunities to be involved with the school and connect with other hospitality professionals. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to volunteer for amazing events, such as the Fried Chicken & Champagne Event, which have in turn inspired me to see the value in taking advantage of every opportunity with the potential to broaden my exposure to the hospitality field. I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship and want to express my sincere appreciation for allowing me to continue experiencing all that Kendall has to offer. I cannot wait to see what my last four quarters have in store!

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