Madeline Barry Fall 2019 Blog

by Madeline Barry, November 13, 2019

Looking back, I am not sure where this past year has gone, but I am getting ready to go out on internship in the next couple of weeks. It has been a very challenging decision on where I want to go as I have gained a passion in many different areas. This quarter I have experienced working with plated desserts in a restaurant setting which has sparked a new interest. I love the presentation, detail, and how quickly one must work to put the pieces together. It is amazing how anyone can be given the same ingredients as someone else, yet create a dish that looks completely different. It is a way to express yourself through something so small.

This quarter I have also spent a great deal of time working with breads. This component is very different from plated compositions especially with the time aspect. Breads can not be rushed. They require patience and awareness with great attention to detail. Each type of bread will require different times to mix, proof, and bake. Even baking the same bread multiple days in a row could be different depending on environmental factors.  However, no matter how different the processes seem, they both find ways to combine a handful of skills we have learned along our journey.

Overall, I have learned a lot in the past year and feel confident that I have the skills to be successful in my next steps. I have learned that everything takes practice. I have made some items hundreds of times, such as meringue, but still learn new techniques or tricks for continuous improvement. I have learned the importance of precision and consistency. If you want something done right, put in the effort for every step to get there. I have learned how important planning ahead is in setting yourself up for success on a daily basis. I have learned to slow down and understand the purpose behind the processes. I learned this industry is a grind and will take true resilience to reach the level I want to be. Lastly, I have learned countless techniques and processes from the Kendall community to set me up for success down the road. I am so grateful for the opportunity the Kendall College Trust has provided me with and the amazing people I have met along the way!

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