Lisa Alvarado Spring 2017 Blog

by Lisa Alvarado, June 22, 2017

As my time at Kendall is wrapping up these next couple of quarters, much of what I have learned has been useful in my everyday life and to the start of my career. My first quarter of Capstone, the senior project, has come to an end and in those ten short weeks I have learned immensely from identifying my strengths and weaknesses to working as a team with different types of people. While there is a long list of what I have learned in those ten weeks, the two key areas that have impacted my learning curve are communicating as a team and being consistent in our daily and weekly work.

Many times when it comes to making decisions, everybody in the group contributes and it has come to my realization that in order to efficiently work together and make decisions, professionalism and a great deal of new ideas are needed. Everybody in each group has their own specialty strengths and weaknesses which are what makes a team so special; each person is a puzzle piece to the whole picture which helps the project flow more smoothly.

In regard to consistency, not only have I learned to be consistent in the way we format and write our work but also in the way of setting deadlines and keeping people accountable. As stated before, we each have a part to contribute to the team and from learning these things now, I can’t imagine what else I can learn from my wonderful team in the next ten weeks of this project.

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