My Plans After Graduation


by Joe Turner, March 30, 2018

As I sit here on spring break, enjoying the Big Easy, two things have crossed have crossed my mind; well actually three. The first is how grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to even be able to go anywhere for spring break. The second is being blessed with a career that allows me paid vacations, and finally is I get too share my thoughts about what it is I will do upon finishing my academic studies. I want the gratefulness I feel to show up in a positive way allowing me the chance to continue in the service of others, while also securing a decent payoff as well.

As I have mentioned earlier, I plan to stay with my current employer. I work for Compass Group USA. It is a national company with many subsidiaries. When I started with Compass Group, it was with the Chartwells division as an hourly employee.  Chartwells specialty is foodservice in education. I moved on to become a supervisor, and then onto my current position as food service manager. I now work for Compass One Healthcare also known as Morrison Healthcare, whose specialty is healthcare foodservice. The account I am with is known as a very tough account, which is good training for the position I have my eyes on in the next step of my career. The positions I am interested in are: Patient Services Manager (foodservice healthcare), or Director of Dining Services (foodservice education). Either one of these is ideally the next move. I have spoken with my Director as well as the Regional Director who have indicated that my trajectory is headed in an upward motion.

The preparation that I need is to continue my BA degree studies, obtain the degree, then continue to develop the skills I am acquiring while being a food service manager. An understanding of budgets, as well as the people skills, along with the technical knowledge of strategic thinking and planning, are some of the requirements. So, I am looking ahead with eager anticipation, not only graduating this year, but also moving forward with my career pursuits. I must admit that I am very tired, but I would not have it any other way. If I remain grateful for the help received, humble to the path ahead, and willing to put in the work that is necessary, I am confident that success will be the outcome.

In grateful hopefulness,

Joe Turner

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