Andrea Klein Perez WI21 Blog

by Andrea Klein Perez, March 19, 2021

Another chapter of my life is over, my time at Kendall College has come to an end. I am thankful that even in these uncertain times with the pandemic, I was able to finish school and got to experience the real restaurant kitchen and the catering kitchen life. This last quarter, I took my favorite class at Kendall, The Dining Room production class, where I got to experience and learn a little bit about how a kitchen works at a real restaurant. Even if it is still at school and The Dining Room was not open to the public as it was before the pandemic, I learned the most important do´s and don’ts of a restaurant kitchen while serving customers on site and while having food delivered to other customers.

This quarter, I also had the opportunity to intern at a great catering company called Paramount Events where I spent 200 hours learning about the business and helping the company with some of their orders including drop offs and on-site events. I was able to understand a little bit more about the catering industry including food production, sanitation, organization, ordering, inventory, planning, delivering, costing, and even about what it takes to have your own greenhouse on site.

I am grateful and would especially like to thank the Kendall College Trust for granting me a scholarship that helped me meet the academic goals I set for myself.

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