Alycyn Fox Blog Fall 2017

By Alycyn Fox, January 30, 2018

The KCT Scholarship has made a huge impact on how I have been living this year. I was very lucky to be a recipient, and luckier that I was allowed to keep the scholarship while studying abroad. If I had not been allowed to keep it, I would not have been able to afford studying in Australia.

Since my arrival, I have learned so much by just living in a different country. I think that most Americans live in a bubble that they fear venturing out of. Upon telling most people that I was going to study abroad, nearly all of them responded “I could never do that, I have too much holding me down.” I left a lot behind to explore a new path, but an entirely new experience full of mystery was too intriguing to let slip away. Studying abroad is something I have wanted to do since middle school, so the aid from the KCT was the final push in ensuring financial stability and bringing my dream to life.

Receiving the scholarship was the factor that finalized my decision to study abroad. Without it, I would have stayed in Chicago. Although I love it there, I would have missed out on so many opportunities and memories that I’ve made here in Sydney. I am so thankful to everyone who took part in making the decision to grant me the scholarship, and I look forward to making more memories this year

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