Sansanee Ratruang Fall 2017 Blog

by Sansanee Ratruang, December 20, 2017

My name is Sansanee, and this is my second blog I have written for KCT. I am recently finishing up the Management Trainee with Katana which I am overseeing Front of House Operation, Administrative work as well as Managing role. Not very easy to manage the restaurant with 13,000 square feet but it makes things easier and more organized when working with managers with years of experience in the industry like Jason Chan, Dila Lee, and Mark Longo, who supervised me steps by step of how to handle each situation properly.


Katana offers Japanese fusion, including fresh sushi and prime steaks as well as skewers cooked over a bincho charcoal fire or “Robata”. We do offer a selection of Japanese whiskey and Sake at the restaurant, which I promise makes for more than just great dining. I was shadowing for a couple of weeks with a hostess, server, runner, bartender, managers, and chef, in order to make myself ready for managing work. I have to know and understand all the service and F&B item list on and off the menu. My work after that was inventory, beverage cost and selling price, all kinds of numbers on a spreadsheet, creating a daily fish menu, line up sheet for pre-shift, etc.

Overall, the experience to intern at Katana is unforgettable. I was extremely pleased with, both Managers and Chefs, and the opportunity that they have provided me to learn and gain experience that will enhance, both my academics and work experience.

Again I couldn’t be more thankful for the scholarship, it gave me a chance to meet many people in the industry and the opportunity to achieve my dreams as I am being a KCT participant.

Thank you,

Sansanee Ratruang (Smile)

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