More About Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp

The Foundation for Culinary Arts (F4CA),  initiated the Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp in the summer of 2016 as a week-long, immersive overnight camp that brought together promising students from under-resourced, underserved communities. The program is designed to broaden campers’ horizons in culinary, culture, and community, inviting campers to spend one week bonding with students from other schools while learning valuable career skills. Classes are taught by our esteemed culinary instructors, an unparalleled experience for students with an interest in the Culinary Arts. Throughout the curriculum, the instructor weaves in cultural correlations to the food being prepared.

The F4CA is proud to partner with Chicago Public School (CPS), Careers Through Culinary Arts Program of Chicago (C-CAP), The Chopping Block and Tutore Cooking School. The F4CA knows bright futures begin with an education, and we are dedicated to providing funding and dynamic programming to foster the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Fall Pasta Camp

What Skills Will Campers Learn

Campers will learn a variety of necessary and essential skills which vary by the type of camp provided, but will include the following:

  • Introductory knife skills
  • Kitchen terminology
  • Nutrition fundamentals
  • Kitchen safety and sanitation
  • Foundational cooking skills, based on camp topics, which may include:
    • meat fabrication
    • baking basics
    • cooking from scratch
  • Cooking methods, such as:
    • stocks and sauces
    • pastry and pie crust
    • fresh pasta
  • And much more!

How are campers selected?

There are three selection methods utilized by the Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp. A number of spots are awarded via C-CAP’s junior culinary competition that takes place in January. Students who did not participate in the junior competition can apply to the camp and will go through a selection and interview process. A few spots are made available for CPS students who show great culinary interest and potential but are not part of a district offering C-CAP. These students are recommended to the F4CA by academic field recruiters and will undergo a similar selection process to the C-CAP students.

Who are our campers?

Our campers are a diverse group of students from under-resourced communities currently enrolled in the Chicago Public School system. The students are both male and female ranging from 13-18 years of age.

Thanksgiving Community Cooking Class

68% of Campers are Female

92% of Campers are Black and Latino

Reviews From Campers

“It was such a great experience. I had so much fun and learned a lot. I actually won a performance award on the first day. It had been such a great experience for me and I will continue to use all of the great skills and techniques that I have learned and use them in my daily life. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!” – Isaiah

“The chef instructor was organized, she waited for us if we were falling behind,  helpful on how to substitute a certain ingredient if we ever ran out, she kept us engaged by asking us questions about our food interests or questions about the lesson. After doing this program it reminded me why I love being passionate about food and cooking.”  – Ulises


Camp Scholarship Application

Students currently enrolled in Chicago Public High School, whose family income falls within the definition of ‘economically disadvantaged’ as defined by CPS, may apply for a scholarship to attend the Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp by clicking the button below. Applicants and their parent/guardian will then be interviewed by a selection committee member to determine eligibility.