Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp Application

Candidates for the Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp scholarship are subject to the following criteria and completion of this application attests to the following:

  •  current CPS or otherwise approved high school student in good standing
  •  family income falls within the income level eligible for reduced price school meals by the USDA
  • In addition to completing the application, candidates for the scholarship must upload or submit an essay indicating what their career goals are and how this camp will help them reach those goals. Please note, a phone interview with the candidate, parent/guardian and a selection member will be conducted prior to approval.
    Camper's First Name
    Camper's Last Name
    Preferred Pronoun
    Language Spoken at Home
    Address 2Apt, Suite, Unit
    Camper's Cell Phone
    Parent/ Guardian Name
    Parent/ Guardian Cell Phone
    High School Attending
    Participant Ageat time of camp
    Year of Graduation
    Do you have previous cooking/baking & pastry experience?
    Where did you obtain your experience?
    If answered "School", are you a part of any school program? Please check appropriate organization.
    If answered "Other", please explain.
    Number of people living in your household
    Total Household Incomebefore taxes
    Race and/or Ethnicitychoose one
    Are you interested in the culinary field?
    Are you interested in attending college?
    If yes, would you be the first in your family to attend college?
    Would you be interested in being interviewed on camera for media opportunities?
    Date of Birth

    REQUIRED ESSAY QUESTION: What are your career goals and how do you feel the Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp will help you reach those goals?

    Upload your REQUIRED essay below or email it to scholarships@f4ca.org.

    How did you hear about the camp?
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    Knives and heating elements will be used during class, my parent/guardian will sign a permission slip prior to camp.

    By clicking the submit button below, I do hereby attest that I am currently enrolled in the Chicago Public School system, or otherwise approved school, and my family qualifies for financial need in order to receive the scholarship to attend the Yes, Chef! Culinary Camp presented by the Foundation for Culinary Arts.