Bianca Meireles Summer 2018 Blog

by Bianca Meireles, September 26, 2018

How exciting! As I now write my last blog post, after walking in June, I finally graduated. All the struggle was worth the sacrifice; it wouldn’t be possible without the TRUST scholarship. I’ll be forever grateful.

Graduation is a mix of emotions that allows you to see every single aspect of academic life but also raise so many questions that more than ever is time to have answers to take action for. How about the future? What is reserved for me out there? Have you figured what kind of professional are you going to be?

Real life is waiting and even working since I was a teenager, there are so many opportunities to expand our career that we can get lost. Now is the time to experience the practical side of what we learn and find ourselves as professionals. Of course I want to have my own business but I figured that it’s extremely important to live life in the corporate environment in order to learn and see how things in fact work, the do’s and don’ts of running a company, seeking my differential in the market, especially as a foreigner. Building a network along these years opened doors to the transition from being just someone working to survive, to having a real job with relevance in my career. This scholarship opened doors to dedication and now I can make good use of what I’ve worked hard for.

Be brave, the best of life is waiting for you!

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