Bianca da Silva Fall 2017 Blog

by Bianca Meireles da Silva, December 18, 2017

Fall quarter is gone and I can say that I’m very excited to see what 2018 will be. After what I would call an intense quarter, with huge changes in my professional and personal life, every day was a new challenge. It was not different with this class called Strategic Planning, here at Kendall the famous BUS 411, where we play the role of real chiefs of department taking care of a million-dollar company. Sounds scary, right? That’s what I thought until I realized that was a chance to finally exercise everything I’ve been learning all these years and test my leadership skills.

Throughout an online simulation, we were able to play with numbers, create new products and compete among teams to finally present our performance to those who acted like real stockholders investing in our companies. That was the hard part, by the way. As chosen CEO, it was amazing to coordinate a team that worked so well together, facing all the obstacles with strength to learn and succeed. At the end, my team “Baldwin” was considered a stable and consistent company with attractive chances in the market, which made me very happy!

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