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by Ashley Wolfe, December 4, 2020

Working For My Good

I won’t be the first one to say the majority of this year has been far from what I thought a new decade would be like. The world is a constantly changing place without the additions of riots and protests, a global pandemic, and an election. Each of these elements collided with our new year to make us into even more different versions of ourselves than we imagined we’d be when 2021 rolls around.

But I’m grateful for this year’s challenges.

Yes, I’m completely sane. I promise! I say these words with the revelation of how much said challenges have put me in better positions than I would have encountered in a regular, pre-2020 type year. The world’s situations have brought me more time to enjoy the feel of my couch, it has encouraged me to explore topics that I never had time to research before, but best of all it has led me to my first full-time job with benefits!

Upon graduation, I will already have employment! (Sorry to my not so fortunate peers.) The original site that I had planned to complete my Senior internship with no longer was accepting applications at the time I began to apply, so I was forced to find other options to fulfill that requirement. Fortunately for me, my church had a permanent, full-time position open which fit most of my skills and aspirations for the future. I was offered the position shortly after the interview, and not just because I’ve been a member since my childhood.

In the months of this pandemic, not only have I found a long term career opportunity, but I’ve learned how to use Excel, finished a handful of books which have sat in my windowsill for at least a year, and even applied for my passport! (Guess what came in the mail just before Thanksgiving!)

These are just a few of the satisfying elements which have resulted from this year of inconvenience and misfortune. As I venture into 2021, just weeks away, I can’t say that this year has been anything close to perfect, but I can say that it’s been one that I’ve needed. In the difficulty, I have found the time and energy for what I’ve been putting off. But above all, I’ve found a new version of myself that I’m looking forward to getting to know better. May we all find something in ourselves to be joyful about this season.

Cover photo by Blake Connally @blakeconnally

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