Aidana Seitova Fall 2017 Blog

by Aidana Seitova, December 20, 2017

After receiving my scholarship, first of all I felt so respectful toward myself, that I tried and achieved something I really wanted. This quarter was really chock full and interesting for me. I learned a lot and I am very thankful for all my mentors and friends for support and motivation.

My Fine Dining class had an influence on me and I became more interested in the food and beverage field. Now I have a certificate of completing Federation of Dining Room Professionals and I know service standards. Moreover, my instructor Bob, aroused my interest in learning and understanding wine- which types of wine exist, why they are called so, the vintage and winery, how to open and serve it. I really want to continue learning it as I believe that wines are a very important part of the hospitality field and being an expert in it will help me in the future.

One of the most exciting things related to school is interviewing people. During this quarter I interviewed two people that I really admire – Ted Lorenzi who is the Director of Facilities at the Hyatt Corporation  and Beth Kuczera, who is the president and founder of Equipment Dynamics Inc. These two days imprinted in my memory. Their passion, achievements and advice gave me so much motivation. They are  the evidence of that simplicity and openness that are the characteristics of a strong and good personality. Being in such a position and easily having a  friendly talk with a student who they don’t even know shows me a lot. After talking with someone like this, I just have to work hard, believe in myself and the rest will come adrift.  I really appreciate their insights.

Receiving this scholarship gave me opportunities to try new things like participating at the Fried Chicken and Champagne Fest, meeting new people and opening bottles of champagne:) I believe I opened about fifty of them. It was just an an amazing experience, fun and opportunity for me. I really appreciate it!

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