Abigail Urbano Spring 2018 Blog

by Abigail Urbano, July 6, 2018

I began capstone this past quarter, which has been a positive experience so far. There have been more ups than downs which is a good thing.  Working with four other classmates for the past ten weeks has opened my eyes to what my strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to working in a team. There are things I’m good at, while other aspects I could improve on.

I think that is what I am enjoying most about the capstone project – finding out how to keep each other motivated as well as finding out more about myself when it comes to how I work in a team – there are some aspects in which I could excel on while other aspects where it would be best to hand off to someone else. I’m ready for what the next ten weeks has to bring for the last leg of the capstone project.  I can’t believe this past quarter is done and now it’s hitting me that I have one more quarter left of classes before I go on my last internship and graduate.

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