Sonia Gonzalez Summer 2016 Blog

by Sonia Gonzalez, September 28, 2016

Receiving the scholarship from the Kendall College Trust has completely changed my life.  I was contemplating not applying because I didn’t think that I would qualify.  If I didn’t face my fears, I wouldn’t be following my dreams.  I have always loved to cook and entertain.  Receiving the scholarship from the Kendall Trust, gave me an opportunity to follow my dreams and do things that I always envisioned, but never thought would be possible.

One of my dreams that I was able to experience was to attend to attend the Bon Appetitt, Chicago Gourmet show.  Through Kendall College, I was able to volunteer to work the event and I was grilling filets for Gibson’s Steak House.  I wanted to pinch myself and couldn’t believe that Gibsons let me make their signature sliders for the event.  I received several compliments on my grilling technique and how well I seasoned the filets.  I credit my skills to Kendall College and thankful to The Kendall College Trust for allowing me to attend school without worrying about finances.

This event was also a great networking opportunity for me.  I received two potential internships and a job offer to work events.  I was also able to taste different foods and able to get cooking tips from different chefs.

I am halfway done with school and excited for the next quarter, which is filled with many culinary classes to increase my skills.  I have been cooking new foods for my family and most of the foods received a thumbs up and some were an epic fail.  In order to become a great cook, you need to fail sometimes, in order to perfect your recipe.  I am cooking foods that I once found intimidating to make.  I finally made Chicken Picatta and I am able to make my own pasta sauces.

I plan to help Kendall students apply for the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the Kendall Trust, by sharing my stories and experience.  I once again would like to thank the Kendall Trust for the opportunity to follow my dream and to Kendall College for giving me the skills I need to be successful.